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In a continuing effort to improve services to its members, your International Board of Directors encourages you as host district governor (for single or sub-district functions) or council chairman (for multiple district functions) to submit an evaluation of your authorized speaker following his/her attendance at your convention or conference.Your comments and suggestions will be beneficial in assisting your speaker in preparing for future speaking assignments on behalf of Lions Clubs International. Please either complete this form, or, if you prefer a more personal approach, write a letter to your speaker incorporating the subjects listed below.

Name of Speaker:
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1. Did your speaker cover the following topics in his/her discussion and were they helpful to your membership's understanding of the subjects?
A. Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)
B. Membership and Retention
C. Lions Service Programs (SightFirst, etc.)
2. Did your speaker inform the district of current issues at the International level? If so, how was his presentation beneficial?
3. How do you feel you speaker motivated the Lions in your district? Please give specific examples of the manner in which thie was accomplished.
4. Were there any topics or areas of interest that you feel should have been addressed by your speaker but were not? If so, please list.
5. How did your speaker leave you and your fellow Lions with a better understanding of Lionism?
6. Was the speaker’s adult companion invited to speak? If so, did your find the sessions and speeches offered by the speaker’s adult companion to be beneficial?
7. Did you feel these sessions motivated the Lions and spouses in your district? If yes, please give specific examples.
8. Are there any topics or areas of interest that you would like to see the adult companion address in the future?
9. Overall, do you feel that your speaker/adult companion contributed to the success of your function? If so, please explain how this was accomplished.
Other Comments:

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