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Reinstated Lions Service Credit Program



At its March 1996 Board Meeting, the International Board of Directors approved a Reinstated Lions Service Credit Program effective July 1, 1996. This policy allows Lions who have had previous breaks in Lions membership to claim their time served and apply it to their current Lions membership record. This policy does not apply to former members who were dropped for non-payment of dues.

To formally request reinstated Lions service credit, a Lion must complete the Reinstated Lions Service Credit Form, indicating all time segments served in good standing. This information will be matched against International Headquarters' records, and adjustments to the total years served will be made. Lions unable to provide specific service dates should give their best estimates of those dates.

Each Lion requesting reinstated service credit is asked to complete a reinstated Lions Service Credit Form either online or to fill out the paper version of this form and mail or fax it to Lions Clubs International. Either form must be complete with signatures or typed names of both the club president and the club secretary.

Clubs submitting this form electronically should also submit a WMMR. Clubs submitting a paper version of this form should attach the appropriate MMR before mailing. Former Lions may rejoin a Lions club and then utilize this form to record prior service. Former Lions rejoining the organization will be required to pay an Entrance fee of US $25.00.

Questions related to this policy can be addressed to:


Telephone: (630) 571-5466
Fax: (630) 571-1691


As a Lion in good standing and proud of my past service, I would like to apply the following past service as part of my overall service record. I am aware that the prior service listed claimed must have been in good standing. The following information is complete and accurate to the best of my acknowledge. I have estimated times and dates where otherwise unknown.

*Lion's Name:
*6-Digit Club Number:
*Current Club Name:

Please indicate below, former club's name, district, join date, drop date and reason.

Lions Club's Name District Join Date Drop Date & Reason
*Total years of past active service "in good standing" not to include your current club service:
*Current Lions Club Join Date: Month: Year:
Attested to:
Lion Signature Date
Lions Club President's Signature Date
Lions Club Secretary's Signature Date

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