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Constitution & By-Laws

  • Constitution – International Association of Lions Clubs Constitution and By-Laws (Revised 7/14) (la1.pdf)
  • Constitution – District Constitution and By-Laws (Revised 7/14) (la4.pdf)
  • Constitution – Multiple District Constitution and By-laws (Revised 7/14) (la5.pdf)
  • Constitution – Lions Club Constitution and By-laws (Revised 7/14) (la2.pdf)

Board Policy Manual

Trademark Policies

Incorporation, Foundation & Registered Agent Resources

Candidate Information

  • Qualifications/Information for Candidates for International Office (Revised 12/14) (candidate_info.pdf)
  • Endorsement Form for Second Vice President/International Director Candidates (Revised 11/14)(endorsement_form.pdf)
  • The International Director - Service and Direction Through Leadership (Revised 6/09) (pr751.pdf)



  • IRS – Frequently Asked Questions – New Annual Electronic Notice - ePostcard (Revised 7/13) (irs_faq.pdf)
  • Tax – Unrelated Business Income Tax (Revised 9/05) (ubit.pdf)
  • Chart of State Nonprofit Registration & Solicitation Requirements Resources (Revised 2/13) (nonprofit_reg_state.pdf)
  • Instructions For Reinstatement of Tax-Exempt Status (Revised 7/13) (tax-exempt_reinstatement.pdf)
  • Tax Issues and Regulations affecting Lions Clubs and Leadership (Revised 7/13) (tax_reg_lions.pdf)

Election Guidelines

  • Club Election Guidelines (Revised 11/04) (lg22.pdf)
  • District Election Guidelines (Revised 11/04) (lg23.pdf)
  • DG/VDG Election Complaints Procedures (Revised 7/14) (dgvdg_election.pdf)

Dispute Resolution Procedures

Other Policies

Executive Summaries

Reading Action Program

Join President Madden's campaign to increase literacy ยป

Reading Action Program

Rotating pictures of Lions.

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