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District Governor Team Excellence Award


Strenthen the Pride logoDistrict Governor Team Excellence Award
Strengthen the Pride

The Excellence Award is an achievement not only for the district, but also for the clubs that the district supports. It advances our community service, membership growth and leadership development. It is a holistic approach that strengthens our tradition of service and our effectiveness as leaders.

There are two types of requirements. The required achievements are mandatory and reflect the same ideals that are promoted in the Club Excellence Award. The second section lists 20 options. Your district can choose ten achievements that address the unique needs of the clubs within your district.

Upon achieving the requirements, you will have the opportunity to recognize members of your DG Team! Zone and region chairpersons receive a handsome lapel pin while you and your vice district governors receive a prestigious medal.

REQUIRED ACHIEVEMENTS:  All five requirements must be met to qualify!

Five Elements of Excellence – The requirements below are the same requirements outlined in the Club Excellence Award, but adjusted for the role of the district governor team.

1.    SERVICE – To qualify, 90% of the clubs in the district must conduct a service project

Service is the cornerstone of our association. Whether it is a project specific to the community, a part of the Global Service Action Campaigns, a Youth Project or another service initiative, it must be meaningful. If your clubs are struggling, show them how completing the Community Needs Assessment or Making It Happen publication can help them rediscover the service their club can provide!

2.    MEMBERSHIP – The district must achieve a net increase in membership or charter a new club.
Members are needed to support projects and events

Just Ask – Encourage your clubs to “just ask” by applying these simple but successful techniques for recruiting enthusiastic new members!

The Club Excellence Process (CEP) – Help clubs reach their potential through exercises designed to refresh and refocus their club to increase participation and activity.

Membership Satisfaction Guide – Are your clubs’ members satisfied? This guide has helpful tips for reaching your member’s expectations.

New Club Development Guide – This guide provides the steps and the strategies to charter a new club in your district.

3.    COMMUNICATION –A district governor team member must visit the officers of each club during a single or multiple club meeting.

One of the most important roles as a district governor team is to communicate regularly with the clubs and the leaders in your district. Use your time effectively by sharing visits with your team members or bringing clubs together for a multiple club visit. This will free your time, and your budget, to charter new clubs or work more extensively with weak clubs.

Team Approach to Club Visits – This helpful guide outlines the benefits of sharing club visits with your team and tips that make sharing visits successful!

4.    LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – The district must provide training and mentoring for club officers and other current and potential leaders.

Ongoing leadership development is critical for the long-term success of the district. LCI offers plenty of material  for both position specific training or leadership development to help each leader reach his or her potential.

Lions Learning Center – This on-line resource offers vital information for developing personal leadership skills. Topics include managing others, achieving results and excellence in communication.

Officer training – On-line officer training counts toward the award too! Officer specific training helps make serving as a club officer easier by demonstrating how club leaders can accomplish their tasks effectively.

Mentoring – Share your leadership skills on a more personal level with new and potential Lion leaders through the Lions Mentoring Program.

Many of the courses can be conducted online. Consider featuring the program during zone meetings, visits or conventions.

5.    CLUB DEVELOPMENT – Ninety percent (90%) or more of the clubs are active and in good standing.

Review the Club Health Assessment to check the status of the clubs in your district. This report verifies reporting status, membership growth and LCIF donations.  MyLCI is also available for reporting.

ADDITIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: In addition to the required achievements noted above, the district must also complete ten of the following achievements. Choose the goal that best serves the needs of your clubs.

Once you have completed the items, complete the District Governor Team Excellence Award Application

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