Logos and Art Download Instructions

File Formats

Logos may be downloaded in several different formats. Depending on the settings for your browser, you may not be able to open certain image types.  To directly download an image to your local PC, place your mouse on the word download associated with the logo and click on the RIGHT mouse button and choose SAVE TARGET AS.  Then simply navigate to the location on your local machine where you want to save the image and save the image.  However, please note that because of space limitations, downloading times and other technical issues, it is impossible to offer logos in the variety of formats and sizes to meet all requests.

Instructions for Downloading Graphic Files

1. Click on EPS (or GIF or TIF, depending on which format you want).

2. A window titled "File Download" will appear prompting you to either "Run this Program from its Current Location" or "Save Program to Disk." Check "Save Program to Disk" and click "OK."

3. A window titled "Save As" will appear. In the "Save In" field, choose where you would want to save this file. Please note location of saved file for reference in Step 5. In the "File Name" field, an automatic file name will appear. If desired, another name may be entered. Choose "Save."

4. A window titled "Download Complete" will appear. Choose "Open."

5. Once the logo has been saved in the folder that was chosen in Step 3, open the file using the program that you normally use to access files of that particular type.  (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.).  Simply go to "File" and "Open" and navigate to the location you chose during Step 3.

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