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Additional Liability Insurance


Additional Liability Insurance

This coverage offers limits of insurance in addition to the $1,000,000 of coverage automatically provided by Lions Clubs International through the Global General Liability program. If you need a certificate of insurance evidencing coverage under the Global General Liability Program select the link titled "Certificate of Insurance" found below. if you need limits in addition to the automatic $1,000,000 of coverage please review the "Additional Liability Insurance" coverage description via the below link.

Liquor Liability

Note: Liquor Liability coverage can only be purchased along with the Additional Liability Insurance Coverage mentioned above

As mentioned, this insurance can only be purchased along with the Additional Liability Insurance as outlined above. Minimum premiums for the Additional Liability Insurance and Liquor Liability combined will be at least $800. If you are only looking for Liquor Liability coverage you should contact a local agent who should be able to arrange for a more competitive liquor policy.

If you have questions about this coverage or would like an application, contact John Adams or Jeannene Miller of Willis Insurance at 847-517.3450.

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