Public Relations Matching Grant Program Application

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Amount Requested (required):
Public Relations need to be addressed:
Program description. Explain in detail how your program will respond to the needs or opportunities expressed. Describe what you intend to do, and what techniques you will use to accomplish your goals. Provide a proposed time schedule.
Program budget. Be as specific as possible.
How will these funds be matched?
Employer Identification Number (EIN) code:
IRC code:
To the best of my knowledge, the information submitted is accurate and the need exists as indicated. I endorse this application and will do everything in my power, as administrator of any funds granted, to ensure their proper and efficient use, proper accounting and reporting to the Public Relations and Communication Division.
District Number:
Address (No P.O. Boxes):

Did you remember to include:

  • Detailed budget, including sources of income and detailed expenses?
  • A reasoned justification for the application, and what you believe your plan will accomplish?
  • Explanation for how funds will be matched?
  • US and Territories MUST PROVIDE an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and IRC code.

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