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President's Awards

2014-15 President's Awards

I have several awards that give an opportunity for districts and clubs large and small, no matter where they exist, to strive for excellence and be recognized.

Joe Preston signature2014-2015  International President


Blueprint for a Stronger ClubStrengthen the Pride

The most effective Lions clubs regularly identify ways to expand their humanitarian service impact, develop leaders, and meet club members’ needs and expectations.  Clubs can discover new ways to bring value to the community and to club members, by developing and implementing a plan or “blueprint”.  

Every club is encouraged to complete a Blueprint and upon completion receive a special Presidential Certificate via email to recognize your commitment!

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Club Excellence Award

Club Excellence Award and Banner PatchClubs that strive to achieve the five elements of excellence deserve special recognition.  

Excellence includes:

  • Service – Conduct three or more service projects and contribute to LCIF
  • Membership – Achieve a net growth in membership or sponsor a new club
  • Communication – Communicate the club’s service projects effectively
  • Leadership Development – Club officers participate in leadership programs
  • Club Management – Meaningful meetings, timely club reports and remain in good standing

Qualifying clubs receive a banner patch and the club presidents receive a pin to recognize their accomplishment.

See the Pride of Excellence Award below regarding a new district award that encourages early application (on or before May 31, 2015)!

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Presidential Zone and Region Chairperson Awards

Zone & Region Chairperson Award ImageZone and Region Chairpersons can truly make a difference by helping clubs advance their service, grow their membership and achieve their goals. This Quarterly Presidential Award for Zone and Region Chairpersons is more than an award, it is a quarterly plan for success for the zone and region chairpersons and the clubs they support!  Each quarter there is a new opportunity to achieve an award pin featuring the presidential theme and a paw print.

Zone and Region Chairpersons  who achieve the award for all four quarters will also be recognized with a prestigious International Leadership Award Medal.

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Pride of Excellence Award

District Governors have the opportunity to earn a crystal Pride of Excellence Award and the Ambassador of Goodwill Medal by encouraging clubs to submit their Club Excellence Award application early! The top five districts in each constitutional area that have the largest percentage of their clubs achieve the Club Excellence Award will receive the Pride of Excellence Award. The leading District Governor from each constitutional area will have the honor of receiving the Pride of Excellence Award on stage during the Convention. The other recipients will have their names prominently displayed during this historic ceremony. The District Governor with the highest percentage of clubs that achieve the Club Excellence Award worldwide will also receive the Ambassador of Goodwill Medal, the highest award granted to a Lion, in Honolulu!

To qualify, the clubs must submit their Club Excellence Award early on or before May 31, 2015. The award will be based on the membership gain as of April 30, 2015 and the clubs must meet the other requirements listed on the application. Membership growth must be maintained through June 30, 2015 to qualify.

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DG Team Excellence AwardDistrict Governor Team Excellence Award

Similar to clubs, the District Governor Team Award recognizes team members from districts that strive for excellence in leadership, achieve positive membership growth and actively encourage clubs to conduct humanitarian projects.

Qualifying zone and region chairpersons receive beautiful lapel pins, while the district governor, first vice district governor, second vice district governor, District GMT and GLT Coordinators receive prestigious medals to recognize their leadership and dedication.

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District Governor Lions Pride Awards

Strengthen the Pride Presidents Award MedalGrow your district and get rewarded!  Achieve consistent membership growth in your district throughout the year and earn a one-of-a -kind Lions Pride Pin!  Earn additional “paws” for your pin when you charter a club in your district or add new members to existing clubs.

District Governors who earn a pin and at least two gold paws will also receive a Presidential Medal.   Earn four gold paws and you’ll also receive four Leadership Medals to distribute to your team!

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