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Host Clubs


Host clubs work closely with the exchangee, host family and Youth Camps and Exchange chairperson to ensure a successful exchange for the participant.

Host Club Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the host Lions clubs are to:

  • Arrange for financing all costs related to the room and board of camp participants along with the camp committee. During a host family stay, room and board is the responsibility of the host family.
  • Recruit and provide orientation to host families.
  • Maintain communications between the participant, sponsor Lions club, host family, and YCE chairperson.
  • Provide local transportation to events organized by the host Lions club.
  • Ensure that Lions International Youth Camp and Exchange Program policies are followed.
  • Ensure compliance with local laws governing youth protection.

Recruiting Host Families

The host club recruits qualified host families from the Lions club, or non-Lions in the community. Requirements for host families include:

  • Persons who are in contact with youth of the same approximate age as the participant.
  • Knowledge of the participant's language.
  • Knowledge of Lions clubs and the goals of the Lions International Youth Camp and Exchange Program.
  • Adequate space in their home and finances to provide meals for a visitor.

It may be helpful to write a press release about the program requesting families who are interested in hosting a youth contact the host Lions club. Also, consider contacting local schools and universities, especially the foreign language or international studies departments with information about the program. Places of worship may also be a good place to provide information. All host families must complete an application

Host clubs often coordinate special events for participants. Host families should be informed of the activities, which may include:

  • Welcome party.
  • Outing with the local Leo club or attendance at a Lions meeting.
  • Sightseeing outing, day trip to an amusement park, seaside outing, etc.

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