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Leo clubs provide young people with the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills through service in their community and around the world. As an affiliation of Lions clubs, Leo clubs are established with the approval and guidance of a Lions club sponsor. By sponsoring a Leo club, Lions have a positive influence on today’s youth and young adults, giving them a strong foundation as they learn the meaning of leadership and service. 

Leo Club Formation Sponsoring a Leo Club

Club Tracks

The Leo Club Program offers a two-track approach, Alpha and Omega, to better address the needs of club members. All Leo clubs must declare their club as either Alpha or Omega. 

 Alpha Leo Logo Designed for youth between the ages of 12 and 18, this track focuses on the individual and social development of teens and pre-teens. Youth who join Alpha clubs have fun, make new friends and experience the rewards of serving others.
 Omega Leo Logo Designed for youth between the ages of 18 and 30, this track focuses on the personal and professional development of young adults. Omega clubs help members further develop their leadership skills and prepare them for a lifetime of community involvement and contribution to society.

Club Types

After selecting the club track, Leo clubs should also declare a club type. There are two Leo club types, community-based and school-based, and a club can select either type, regardless of their club track.

  • Community-based club – Members are all from the local area.
  • School-based club – Members are all from the same school or college and must have permission from an administrator.

Financial Obligation

Leo Club Organization Fee
The Leo club organization fee is US$100 or the national currency equivalent. This one-time fee includes:

  • The costs involved in processing the Leo Club Organization Report
  • A certificate of organization (charter)
  • A Leo club officers' kit
  • A Leo club sponsor kit
  • Leo lapel pins for each Leo club charter member

Leo Club Sponsor Levy
Lions clubs are also billed an annual Leo club sponsor levy of US$100 or the national currency equivalent. The levy pays for Leo Club Program materials, mailings, club record maintenance, communications, awards and program resources. If a Leo club is canceled, the Leo Club Termination Form (Leo-86) must be received by the Youth Programs Department by October 31 to receive levy credit for the current year only.

Changes to Leo Club Program Fees in FY 2013-2014
In an effort to maintain pace with the ongoing growth and development of the Leo Club Program and to simplify the formation and sponsorship of Leo clubs, the Lions Clubs International Board of Directors completed a thorough review of the fee structure and approved changes to Leo Club Program fees as detailed in the Leo Fees Fact Sheet (Leo-26).

Preliminary Procedures

Step 1
Request a free organization kit from the Youth Programs Department.

Step 2
Arrange a meeting with Lions club members to explain the responsibilities of Leo club sponsors. Explain that every Leo club must have an advisor who is a Lion member of the sponsoring Lions club and enjoys working with young people. 

Step 3
Appoint three or more Lions to serve on a Leo club committee.

Step 4
Determine if the new Leo club will operate in conjunction with a local school, church, or other community group. Often, outside organizations require the appointment of their own club leader or advisor. School-based Leo clubs often require a teacher or school administrator to serve as co-advisor. Outside organizations must accept the responsibilities of the Leo Club Program.

Organizing a New Club

Step 1
Announce the day and date for a Leo club formation meeting. Inform local young people about this meeting through notices sent to schools, youth groups, community programs, and local media.

Step 2
The organization meeting should explain the philosophy of the Leo Club Program. Lions should be prepared to answer questions concerning: requirements for Leo club membership, the relationship to the sponsoring Lions club, and activities undertaken by Leos.

Step 3
Distribute the Alpha Application for Leo Club Membership (Leo50-A) or Omega Application for Leo Club Membership (Leo50-O), depending on the club track, and collect completed forms. The sponsoring Lions club can then submit a signed Leo Club Organization Report (Leo-51) to the Youth Programs Department. Only registered Leo clubs will receive a Leo club charter, sponsor and officer kits, and Leo lapel pins.

Step 4
After review of the applications by Lions, the new Leos can vote to accept:

Step 5
Launch the Leo club with an installation ceremony. The Leo club officers and Lions on the Leo Advisory Committee plan the ceremony as outlined in the Leo Club Officer Installation and New Member Initiation (Leo-8). The highest-ranking Lions official presents the Leo Certificate of Organization to the club officers and the Leo club members receive their new member materials.

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