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Promoting Leo Clubs


Good communications is necessary for effective promotion of the Leo Club Program. Leo club chairpersons should maintain communications with:

  • Lions Opportunities for Youth Committee members
  • The sponsoring Lions club
  • Leo club advisor(s)
  • Leos and potential Leos
  • Lions clubs that may organize Leo clubs in the future
  • Lions who are actively committed to Lions Youth Outreach projects

In addition, Leo club chairpersons should promote the activities of Leos through district/multiple district communications both electronic and printed. This includes both Lion and Leo Web sites, online newsletters, printed magazines, and bulletins.

Recognition from the community is also important for Leo Club Program growth. Chairpersons should encourage the publicity of Leos activities through newspapers, radio stations, television stations, cable television stations, community newsletters and bulletin boards. Leo activities can also be publicized through online newsletters.

Communicating with Advisors

Leo club chairpersons should maintain contact with Leo club advisors. Open communications will improve the Leo Club Program and may help remedy minor problems.

Each Lions club should provide the name, address, and (if available) the e-mail address of their Leo club advisor(s). Through good communication, Leo club chairpersons can assist Leo advisors by:

  • Helping to maintain good communications between the Lions and Leo clubs
  • Relaying requests for assistance/involvement between the two clubs
  • Helping to provide acknowledgement from Lions, the community, and the media for Leo projects

Reading Action Program

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Reading Action Program

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