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Serving Together

Sponsoring Lions clubs around the world contribute to the success of the Leo Club Program. When working with youth, Lions fill the role of mentor, motivator, counselor and role model. Sponsoring a Leo club also provides a way for Lions to mentor future community leaders and encourage future Lions.

Interested in further building the relationship between Lions and Leos? Consider planning and executing a joint service project. By involving Leos, Lions gain fresh, youthful ideas for activities and increase hands to do even more service. Leos who serve alongside their sponsoring Lions will gain a lifelong commitment to service, and will be one step closer to becoming future Lion leaders. Lions and Leos have a great opportunity to learn from each other, so start building the relationship today and serve together.

Leo clubs the serve alongside their sponsoring Lions club are the most successful. Clubs that successfully collaborate with each other can apply for the Leo Lion Serving Together Banner Patch. Collaboration can include joint service projects, joint meetings or participation in each other's social activities and events.

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