Report Service Activities

Use MyLCI to Report Leo Service Activities 

MyLCI is the online membership and service activity reporting system for Leos and Lions. Leo club officers, Leo club advisors and sponsoring Lions club officers can access MyLCI to report Leo members, Leo officers and Leo service activities. In the future, it will also allow Leos and Lions at the district and multiple district level the ability to view information about Leo clubs within their respective areas.

Suggestions from Leos and Lions were incorporated into the design of MyLCI, allowing the association to offer a tool that is easier to use and relevant to more members around the world. Key features include a custom home page with snapshots of information tailored to your responsibilities, a task list to keep you organized, and a single site for Leos and Lions, allowing Lions access to Leo reports for the first time.

This online reporting system streamlines the administrative operations of Leo clubs, districts and multiple districts so you can focus more of your time on what Lions and Leos do best – serving your communities.

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