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Running a Club Meeting


Leo leaders should be familiar with parliamentary procedures outlined in Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised (only available in English), through Club Supplies.

Club meetings should include a written agenda as well as:

  • A call to order by the president
  • An opening ceremony, e.g., the national anthem, salute to the flag, or other local custom
  • A roll call of members and the introduction of guests
  • The serving of refreshments, if any
  • The introduction of speaker(s)
  • The secretary's report and the reading of the minutes from the previous meeting
  • The treasurer's report - a copy should be filed for audit
  • The reading of minutes from the board of director's meeting
  • The reading of correspondence received since the last meeting
  • The reading of committee reports and approval of actions
  • The discussion of old business
  • The presentation of new business
  • Adjournment

Reading Action Program

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Reading Action Program

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