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Resolving Conflict


Implementing the following actions in addressing conflicts will further help to resolve any conflicts that may arise.

  • Define the problem – State the problem in writing.  Be sure the problem has been defined and is not just a symptom of the problem.
  • Uncover the facts – Request input from both sides of the problem. Obtain data from outside sources, too.
  • Organize the facts – This step is required when complex issues are involved.
  • Determine solutions – Consider various possible solutions while searching for the best solution.
  • Realize the consequences – Before deciding on a solution, consider the possible consequences of each solution.
  • Act on the solution – At this time, establish how you will know that the problem has been solved.
  • Evaluate your solution – Officers should oversee the process to verify that the solution has been achieved.

Reading Action Program

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Reading Action Program

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