Leo Officer Roles

President manages club and board meetings.  The president instructs other club officers concerning their responsibilities and includes all members in decision-making processes.

Vice President assists the president.  Assumes the duties of president if the elected president cannot complete the term.

Secretary maintains club records and meeting minutes and submits these documents to the sponsoring Lions club.  Maintains lists of officers, committee appointments, attendance records and membership rosters. Responsible for updating club information and membership records, as well as submitting service activity reports in MyLCI

Treasurer responsible for receiving and depositing all club money.  Disburses club funds when authorized by the Leo club board of directors.  Provides a monthly financial statement to the Leo club board of directors.

Districts and Multiple Districts offer another level of leadership positions. Officers at the district and multiple district level encourage Leos from clubs in the same territorial area to share ideas, and strengthen community service. They also promote the Leo Club Program, focus on membership growth and expansion, and offer further leadership development opportunities.

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