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Making Vision a Health Priority


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Making Vision a Health Priority

The resources and tools available through this eye health program will help you promote vision health in your community:

TOOLKIT: Making Vision a Health Priority (KITLEHP1) is available for downloading and includes the following resource materials:

  • How to Use the Program: Making Vision a Health Priority (iad421)
  • PowerPoint (iad422)
  • Speaker’s Guide (iad423)
  • Handout: Everyone’s Vision Can Change with Age (iad424)
  • Handout: Age-Related Eye Diseases At-A-Glance (iad425)
  • Handout: See Well for a Lifetime Parts of the Eye (iad426)
  • Handout: Healthy Vision Starts With a Dilated Eye Exam (iad448)
  • Poster: features photo of woman (iad427a)
  • Poster: features photo of man (iad427b)
  • Participant Evaluation Form (iad428)
  • Materials Order Form (iad429

Reading Action Program

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Reading Action Program

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