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Information for Lions Services for Children Chairperson

Organize Service Projects for Children in Need

Organize service projects and activities for underserved children in your area by becoming a Lions Services for Children (LSC) chairperson in your club or district.  Motivate clubs to undertake service projects that:

The LSC chairperson is appointed by the district governor; the multiple district LSC chairperson is appointed by the council chairperson.  By working together, the multiple district, district and club LSC chairpersons can organize effective service projects to improve the quality of life for children in need.   

Lions Services for Children Chairperson Responsibilities

Set goals:

Communicate goals and project ideas:

Incorporate new project ideas contributed by clubs:

Arrange seminars and workshops for club chairpersons:

Solicit feedback:

Report children’s service projects to the district cabinet and to the local media:

Online Resources

A variety of tools and resources for the following programs are available to assist you in your role as Lions Services for Children chairperson:  

LCIF Grant Funding

Learn more about the LCIF grants to assist children in need.  


District and multiple district chairpersons can receive awards in recognition of their service and support of the Lions Services for Children Program:    

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