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Lions/UNICEF School-in-a-Box

Lions/UNICEF School-in-a-Box

The School-in-a-Box Program can provide a club or district with the opportunity to help contribute toward the education needs of children whose schooling has been disrupted by wars, disasters and other emergency situations.  Lions, through a designated donation to Lions Clubs International Foundation, can help to provide a "School-in-a-Box" kit with essential school supplies for an instructor and up to 40 students.  Kit distribution is determined by UNICEF.

How You Can Help

Each UNICEF School-in-a-Box costs approximately US$215. Lions clubs, Leo clubs, districts or multiple districts who wish to donate to the purchase of a School-in-a-Box kit should send a check made payable to: "Lions Clubs International Foundation" with the notation, "School-in-a-Box" and send to:

Lions Clubs International Foundation
300 W. 22nd Street
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523-8842 USA

Contributions can also be made by credit card: Visa, MasterCard or American Express.  

Banner Recognition Patch

Lions clubs or districts that donate a total of US$500 to LCIF durng one fiscal year for the Lions/UNICEF School-in-a-Box program will receive a free banner patch recognition. Use the banner patch application (IAD-306-A).


For More Information

To learn more about the UNICEF School-in-a-Box program, please contact us.

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