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Mission Success Stories

Mission success stories are a great way to share information and inspire. Read the following stories to learn how to make your mission even more successful.

District 11C-2 and Valmiera Lions Partner in Latvia

In 2002, Lions from District 11C-2 partnered with the Lions Club of Valmiera in Latvia to complete the first of many successful vision missions in rural Latvia. The partnership between the host and sponsor club has been essential to the success of the program.

The local Valmiera Lions support the project by partnering with churches, health clinics and the local government, organizing on-the-ground transportation and scheduling logistics, and training high school students to serve as interpreters. Meanwhile, Lions in District 11C-2 spend months preparing for the mission, collecting glasses and fundraising. Their combined efforts have created a sustainable Missions program that continues to serve a growing number of vision-impaired people in Latvia. View photos.

“Lions Pure Water” Improves Life in Rural Tanzania

Lions in Sweden created the “Lions Pure Water” project in 2008 to increase access to clean drinking water and improve health in rural areas of the Morogoro region of Tanzania. By working with local water engineers, the project identifies the needs of each community and an appropriate solution.

For example, the project provides small villages and schools with a hand pump well that is easy to use, maintain, protect and manage. By passionately promoting the project, Lions have enlisted the support of other organizations such as Water for All, Water Aid and CARE, increased overall efficiency and expanded their resource base. Read more about the project.

MD 105 Redistributes Hearing Equipment Worldwide

For more than 20 years, Lions from Multiple District 105 have collected hearing aids and ancillary hearing equipment and redistributed them to hearing-impaired people all over the world. In 1996, the MD105 Hearing Equipment Project was officially established to organize efforts and streamline the collection and redistribution process, making the project more efficient and multiplying its impact on communities in need.

Since the launch of the Mission, the project has grown substantially and distributed hearing equipment to people in need in more than 40 countries. The project owes much of its success to the dedication of Lions in MD105, who have worked tirelessly and formed many alliances with other organizations and individuals in to better serve the hearing-impaired.

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