The Relationship of Lions Clubs International to the UN


Article 71 of the Charter of the United Nations states, "The Economic and Social Council may make suitable arrangements for consultation with non-governmental organizations which are concerned with matters within its competence. Such arrangements may be made with international organizations."

It is incorrect, however, to say that Lions have consultative status to the UN in general. The Economic and Social Council, one of the main bodies of the United Nations, is concerned primarily with advancing the welfare of all human beings.

It is the Security Council of the UN that has direct responsibility for the first purpose of the United Nations. "To maintain international peace and security." Lions Clubs International has no relationship with the Security Council. It is not the policy of Lions Clubs International to endorse particular resolutions or actions of the United Nations taken to further the first stated purpose of the UN. "To maintain international peace and security." In these respects, Lions have as great differences in opinion as all people and nationalities.

With regard to the second and third stated purposes of the UN, "To develop friendly relations among nations" and "To achieve international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural or humanitarian character ... " comparison is invited to the Third Purpose of Lions Clubs International.

         To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world.

Lions Clubs International supports the United Nations" ideal of a world at peace.  Lions are encouraged to be informed, to support, and to promulgate information about the UN, its humanitarian objectives and the work of its agencies – especially in public observances of United Nations Day on October 24 and Lions Day with the United Nations, held in late February or early March each year.

The international president annually appoints representatives to ECOSOC, WHO, UNICEF and UNESCO.  The association also has a relationship with FAO.  The names and addresses of the association representatives can be obtained by contacting the Program Development Department at International Headquarters.  A list of UN Information Centers throughout the world can be obtained by writing to: NGO Section, Department of Public Information, Room S-10371, Secretariat Building, United Nations, New York, New York 10017-6104, USA.

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