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Club Twinning Guidelines

Twinning provides Lions and Leos the opportunity to learn about another club and its culture. Twinning is not to be initiated to persuade others to adopt one's ways nor is it to be entered into for financial or material assistance.

Selection of a Club Twin

The selection of a club twin varies from club-to-club. Twinnings can occur:


In the last instance, a club international relations (IR) chairperson contacts the district IR chairperson for twinning suggestions. The district IR chairperson contacts the district governor to see if there is an active district twinning program. 

If the district does not participate in a district twinning program, the club can search the twinning list, the Club Locator, or accept a suggestion from the IR chairperson. When selecting a club twin, consider similarities in history, culture, and language.  

Most club twins do not experience a serious language problem. If a translator is needed, request assistance from club members, their families and acquaintances or students/teachers of language. Or use a third language which is understood by members of both clubs.

If, within a reasonable length of time (three months), there is no response to an initial twinning request, a club IR chairperson can request intervention from the district IR chairperson or the district governor.

Developing a Twinning Relationship

Initial correspondence should include: 

Upon acceptance of the club twinning invitation, the local club IR chairperson notifies the district IR chairperson. The file is then closed at the district level. The two clubs continue their friendship through the exchange of:

Some clubs exchange membership rosters to enable members and their families to correspond. In some instances, school children correspond with school children in the area of the twin club. Another consideration is the organization of a joint service project possibly on behalf of a third country. This is a voluntary and mutual endeavor. Each club should contribute.

Twinning Recognition

After clubs have become friends (this usually takes at least a year), they can apply for an International Club Twinning Banner Patch Award. Clubs that enter into additional twinning relationships within the fiscal year receive a letter of congratulations. Clubs can only receive one twinning award per fiscal year.  

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