Club Twinning

The International Club Twinning Program is a voluntary and mutual agreement between clubs in different countries. Lions and Leos can participate; however, twinning must occur between like clubs (i.e., Lions with Lions, Leos with Leos).

Twinning provides an opportunity to learn about another club and its culture. Club twins actively illustrate the Third Purpose of the Association, To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world.

International Friendships

Members of international organizations often develop international friendships. This is certainly true of Lions and Leos who attend international forums or conventions. 

After an initial meeting, Lions or Leos often continue their friendship through long-distance correspondence. After many months or years, the two clubs may decide to formalize their friendship as international club twins. 

At this time, the two clubs may decide to sign the International Club Twinning Recognition Application and become club twins. Often, the clubs organize a formal  signing ceremony to celebrate the official club twinning relationship. 


For more information about international club twinning, please contact us.

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