International Relations Month

Man TalkingLions International Relations Month (October) is the ideal time to develop an international relations project.

In 2008, the Lions of Europe gathered at their annual forum and developed an international humanitarian document. This document is now known as the Charter of European Humanitarian Citizenship.

An international night is another suggested project for Lions International Relations Month. With a little initiative, imagination and enthusiasm, international night can become a valuable project and an excellent means of gaining local publicity.

Guests of honor can include official government representatives, such as ambassadors or consuls. Visiting exchange and overseas students and recently settled emigrants should also be invited. The local news media may enjoy reporting on this colorful event.

Likewise, international night can be a district function. The district can select specific countries or ethnic groups to honor. Organizers serve a traditional meal and decorate the meeting place with flags and travel posters. Local talent can perform traditional dances and sing folk songs. The wearing of traditional garb adds pageantry and beauty. If a specific country is not designated, the organizer can feature foods, apparel, folk and cultural history from various countries, creating a truly international night.

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