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Lions ALERT Plans in Action


Lions clubs, districts, and multiple districts have contacted local authorities and developed Lions ALERT plans to provide assistance in the event of a natural, man-made, or healthcare emergency.  Example Lions ALERT plans appear below. Help at Hurricane Katrina

  • Created Volunteer Database Dist. 13 H, Ohio, USA. Lions worked with the federal government and local health departments to develop a database of trained, service club volunteers. 
  • Collect and Deliver Supplies MD 18, Georgia, USA. Lions partnered with a local company for the collection and delivery of donated supplies to disaster victims.
  • Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Dist. 25-E1, Indiana, USA. Lions agreed to assist during a pandemic influenza immunization effort.
    • Transporters of People, Pets MD 50, Hawaii, USA. Lions attended Red Cross training classes to learn how to transport citizens and pets to shelters in the event of an emergency. Lions also developed a Lions ALERT telephone tree.
    • List of Vulnerable Citizens District N-1, New Brunswick, CANADA. Lions developed a list of vulnerable citizens, e.g., the elderly, physically or mentally disabled persons, who would require extra assistance during an emergency.
      • Bring Quality to Life MD 101, SWEDEN. At present, Lions work with the Swedish Rescue Services Agency to provide tents and blankets immediately after a disaster.
      • Food Service Assistance District 201 C1, C2, AUSTRALIA. Lions agreed to assist during emergency preparedness drills and to provide food service assistance after an emergency. 

        In some instances, Lions ALERT teams became new Lions clubs. 

        • Toronto ALERT Lions Club, ONT, CANADA. Members are local emergency responders.
          • Montgomery County Police and Fire Fighters Lions Club, PA, USA. Members are county police officers and fire fighters.

          For information about these and other Lions ALERT plans, please contact us.

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