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District Lions ALERT Chairperson Responsibilities


Information for District Lions ALERT Chairperson

The district governor should appoint a Lion to the position of district Lions ALERT chairperson. This Lion should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Willingness to organize a Lions ALERT plan in the event of a local emergency;
  • Understanding of program parameters;
  • Knowledge of Lions ALERT program resources;
  • Ability to cooperate with local emergency assistance resources;
  • Ability to mobilize a Lions ALERT team after an emergency has occurred;
  • Understanding of Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) resources.

The responsibilities of the district Lions ALERT chairperson are:

  • Familiarity with Lions ALERT program resources including the Lions ALERT guide (IAD 911) and the (4) checklists:  

    o How to Develop a Lions ALERT Plan

    o Disaster Relief Opportunities

    o Personal Safety Checklist

    o After a Disaster Occurs

  • Ability to work with local authorities in the development of a Lions ALERT plan.

Before an Emergency Occurs

District Lions ALERT chairperson responsibilities:

  • Develop a district Lions ALERT plan.
  • Share the plan with the multiple district Lions ALERT chairperson.
  • Encourage and promote club Lions ALERT plans.
  • Organize district training classes and seminars for club Lions ALERT chairpersons.
  • Remind all Lions ALERT chairpersons to complete an annual review of their Lions ALERT plan.

After an Emergency Occurs

District Lions ALERT chairperson responsibilities:

  • Serve as the central figure in implementing the district Lions ALERT plan. Communicate with district and multiple district leaders as well as outside agencies about the situation and the capabilities of the Lions ALERT Team.
  • Assist clubs implementing a Lions ALERT plan.
  • Encourage clubs in the district to work together in the event of a natural, man-made, or healthcare emergency.
  • Remind Lions ALERT team members to comply with safety regulations.
  • Work with the public relations chairperson to submit Lions ALERT news and photos to local media.
  • Remind Lions to use Lions-logo signs and wear Lions-logo apparel when serving as members of a Lions ALERT team.

District Lions ALERT chairpersons are responsible for rewarding team members with Lions ALERT awards:

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