Guidelines for Planning Your Project

Before implementing a tree planting project, Lions should consider the following preparations:

Once your plan is approved:


Use the resources below to plan and promote your tree planting project:

Key Contacts

Because the nature of tree planting activities vary from one community to another, clubs and districts are encouraged to seek additional guidance from local experts when planning their projects. The following are a few organizations (listed by constitutional area) that provide additional tree planting guidelines and resources.

If the list below does not include an organization near you, please consider searching for similar organizations in your area. Many countries have organizations that focus solely on tree planting, as well as government entities that may be able to provide guidelines or contacts to facilitate tree planting activities.


Constitutional Area Organization
United States of America, its affiliates, Bermuda & The Bahamas
Arbor Day Foundation
US Forest Service
ReTree International
Tree Canada
South America, Central America, Mexico & Islands of the Caribbean Sea
UNEP - Latin America and the Caribbean
Brazilian Ministry of the Environment
Carbon Footprint
UNEP - Europe
The Orient and Southeast Asia
Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China
Japan Ministry of the Environment
Korea Forest Service
UNEP - Asia Pacific
India, South Asia, Africa and the Middle East
UNEP - Africa
Green Belt Movement
Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea & the Islands of the South Pacific Ocean
National Tree Day
Green Fleet
Australian Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
New Zealand - Ministry of the Environment
Multiple Constitutional Areas
UNEP - North America
Billion Tree Planting Campaign
International Year of the Forests

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