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Recycling Projects


Green Team Recycling

Lions Green Teams fulfill the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle environmental message by reducing landfill debris through reuse or recycling. Lions Green Team efforts occur at Lions club, district, and multiple district activities as well as in the homes of environmentally-conscious Lions.  

View the Lions Green Team Kit.

Items to be recycled can include:

  • Eyeglasses (Lions recycle millions of pairs each year)
  • Hearing aids
  • Paper – books, magazines, telephone books 
  • Aluminum
  • Metal – keys, dry cleaner hangars, patio furniture
  • Plastics
  • Motor oil
  • Paint
  • Computers
  • Inkjet cartridges
  • Cellular telephones
  • Athletic shoes
  • Clothing
  • Medical equipment such as wheelchairs and crutches

Lions Green Teams can organize a local recycling program. Local authorities can provide necessary guidelines.

A community-wide Lions Green Team Recycling Day is another option. To implement this project:

  • Form a Lions Green Team Recycling Day Committee.
  • Select a recycling location and date.
  • Obtain local permits.
  • Arrange for local organizations/recyclers to remove donated materials such as used eyeglasses, hearing aids, books, cell phones, computers, metal objects, car batteries, bicycles, tattered national flags, athletic shoes, etc.
  • Publicize Lions Green Team Recycling Day to the community.
  • Invite the media to witness your Lions Green Team Recycling Day.  

Or, recycle biodegradable materials through composting. Sponsor a composting demonstration and/or obtain a permanent site for a community-wide Lions Compost Heap. 

Reading Action Program

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Reading Action Program

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