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Performing Arts


Performing arts cultural and community activities fall into many categories. Adapt one of these helpful dance, music and theatre project ideas to the specific needs of your own community.


Dance projects suggestions:

  • Organize a local dance recital. The dancers could be students or local professionals.
  • Invite recognized dance troupes to your community.
  • Sponsor a trip to a professional dance event for student dancers.
  • Arrange a dance contest for dancers of all ages. Present prizes to the best dancers in different age categories.
  • Sponsor a formal dance for the elderly.



  • Arrange a concert of modern or classical music.
  • Provide encouragement and financial support for local music groups, including bands, orchestras, choirs, vocalists, etc.
  • Work with local schools to provide musical instruments for student use. Help the school maintain the instruments.
  • Purchase new sheet music for school music programs.


Theater project suggestions:

  • Support community theater.
  • Organize a drama festival among local theater troupes or schools.
  • Organize a talent show.
  • Arrange public theater performances for children, for example mimes, puppet shows, etc.
  • Donate time and talents to aid local theater troupes build scenery, props, costumes, lighting, sound systems, etc.
  • Volunteer to serve as ushers for local theater events.

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