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Culture Program Policy

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The International Association of Lions Clubs, cognizant of its humanitarian role in society and the relationship between nature and culture in human life, asserts that a person can come to an authentic and full humanity only through the cultivation of those natural qualities and values which will enhance the integral development of the human person, the good of the community and society in general.

Culture in General

In a general sense, culture encompasses all those factors by means of which a person refines and unfolds their many intellectual, emotional and physical qualities. By observing customs and improving institutions, a person renders social life more human, both in the family and in the civic community. Among similar lines, values are established from which evolve human and civic culture proper to the community itself. Custom formation, the establishment of laws, the advancement of the arts and sciences, and diversification in self-expression have a direct bearing on the condition of community life. Finally, it is a feature of culture that a person expresses, communicates, and conserves in their works great ambitions, so that that these may be of advantage to present and future generations and to the whole human family.

Culture Today

The cultures of today possess specific characteristics. Recent physiological research explains human activity more profoundly than it had in the past. Historical studies help men to see things in their changeable and evolutionary aspects. Industry, urban expansion and other features of community living create new forms of culture, from which arise new ways of thinking, acting and using leisure time. Increased circulation of books and new means of cultural and social communication make the wealth of different customs more accessible to all.

Despite the continued emphasis on changing forms, however, customs are, rather paradoxically, becoming increasingly uniform. A more universal form of human culture is emerging which hopefully will express the unity of the human race and yet preserve the particular features of the different cultures. Today's culture can bring about international understanding and cooperation, even a new dimension for all people; one in which a person is defined first of all by their responsibility toward one another and with history.


Lions Clubs International recognizes culture as being directed to the integral development of the human person, the good of the community, and society in general. It further affirms its belief that a person can develop a further understanding that will hopefully govern their actions in terms of social consciousness and a proper sense of morality.

Therefore, BE IT RESOLVED that the cultural activities of Lions will constantly strive to develop the whole human person and at the same time provide assistance in those duties which all people are called to fulfill as members of one human family.

                                                     October 2000

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