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Member Orientation


The importance of new member orientation cannot be emphasized enough. The information presented during orientation provides a foundation for new members. It helps them understand how the club functions, what their role will be and gives them the big picture of their district and the association. When new members are properly informed, they are more likely to feel comfortable with the club, become actively involved in club activities and remain in Lions for years. The following materials are available to help conduct Lions New Member Orientation:

  • The New Member Orientation Training Guide (ME-13) helps the orientation trainer plan for new member orientation and gives trainer tips along the way to successfully conduct new member orientation.
  • New members follow the orientation trainer through the New Member Orientation Guide (ME-13a) during orientation. Members can also use the guide as a reference during their time as a Lion.
  • The New Member Orientation PowerPoint (ME-13b) provides the orientation trainer with a presentation template to follow when conducting new member orientation. Trainers should customize the presentation so it is relevant to their club.
  • The Basic Mentoring Guide (ME-11) can be used in conjunction with new member orientation to ensure the new member successfully completes both programs.

Additional Resources:


For more information about new member orientation, contact the Membership and New Club Programs Department.

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Reading Action Program

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