Mentoring Program


The objective of the Lions Mentoring Program is to help every member achieve the goal of better serving his or her community. It does so through a program of personal development that helps members realize the potential that their unique skills and knowledge offer. The Lions Mentoring Program prepares them for leadership in clubs, in the association and in their personal lives as well. For Lions Clubs International, this means more hands and better service for the people who need it most.

The Lions Mentoring Program is completed in two parts, basic and advanced. Each part is completed in two levels.

Basic Mentoring Program

Advanced Mentoring Program

How to Participate

  1. Contact your club president to express interest in the mentoring program. He or she will help you find a mentor or mentee.

  2. Download the Basic Mentoring Guide or the Advanced Mentoring Guide. The guides can also be ordered from the Membership and New Club Operations Department.

  3. Complete the mentoring program levels of your choosing.

  4. Submit the Achievement Forms in the back of the guides to the Membership and New Club Operations Department. Upon completion of the Basic Mentoring Program, both mentor and mentee will receive a certificate of achievement. Mentors and mentees completing the Advanced Mentoring Program will receive a lapel pin.

Additional Mentoring Resources

For more information, contact the Membership and New Club Programs Department.

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