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Special Interest Lions Club


Sharing Individualism, Strengthening Community

The key to creating a sense of community is finding things in common. All Lions share an interest in and commitment to service. But they may share other interests as well. Such as motorcycles. A profession. Or an ethnic heritage.

Often a shared interest brings even greater energy to a group of Lions – and enlivens their connection to the local community. That's why we offer you the opportunity to start a special interest club.

Types of Special Interest Clubs

A special interest volunteer club focuses on one element that many of its members have in common. Here are just a few examples of Lions special interest clubs:

  • Chippewa Valley Pioneer Lions Club
  • Montgomery County Police and Fire Fighters Lions Club
  • Australian Parliament Lions Club
  • Fairbanks Snowmobile Fun Lions Club
  • Las Vegas Opticians Lions Club
  • Miami Cuban Lions Club
  • England Helen Keller Internet Lions Club
  • Portsmouth Children First Lions Club

The possibilities are endless.

Chartering a Special Interest Volunteer Club

A Lions club that is based on a special interest can be chartered just like a traditional club. You will need:

  • 20 or more charter members
  • A sponsoring club, district cabinet or district committee, region or zone
  • The district governor's approval
  • Completed charter application
  • Appropriate charter fees

For more information on Lions special interest clubs, contact our new clubs team and get involved today.

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