Club Branch

Club Branch

Do you have less than 20 members and want to form a new Lions club?  No problem!

Club branches enable a small group of at least 5 people to form a Lions club and start making a difference in their community sooner. Wherever there is need, a club branch can help.

Members become part of an existing "parent" Lions club, but hold independent meetings and facilitate their own projects. Club branches elect a branch president, secretary and treasurer to lead the branch. The parent club appoints a branch liaison to serve as the go-between for the parent and branch.

In order to give club branches more autonomy, recent changes to board policy have been made.

To get started, request a Club Branch Kit or download the items below:

Once the club builds to 20 members, the branch may charter a new club. Submit the Club Branch Conversion Form with the new club charter application to receive transfer fee exemption.

For more information, contact the Membership and New Club Operations Department.

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