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Start a New Club

You see a community in need. You remember the faces of people you have impacted through community service. You want give others the opportunity to make a real difference. You know that with Lions, problems get smaller and communities get better. You know that Lions is the world's largest community service club organization.

Start a new Lions club today!

While traditional clubs top the list of club formats, we know that one size does not fit all. That's why we offer several new club formats to choose from. Campus clubs and Leo Lions clubs are designed to involve students, graduating Leos and young adults. A club branch can be formed with fewer members.

You may also consider forming a special interest club (educators, medical groups) or cyber club. Both are chartered just like a traditional club.

To charter a new club, you will need:

Club Sponsorship Awards

Reading Action Program

Join President Madden's campaign to increase literacy ยป

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