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Lioness Bridge Program

The Lioness Bridge Program (pdf) makes it possible for Lionesses to honor and acknowledge their proud past while enjoying all the benefits, rights and privileges associated with Lions club membership. Lions clubs may be chartered with the word "Lioness" in their name. 

As a Lioness Lions club, you can:

Lionesses receive credit for their previous years of service when joining a new or existing Lions club. Complete the Lioness Conversion Program (pdf) form. Lionesses who become Lions also receive a special pin featuring the Lioness "L" logo to recognize their past service and symbolize the bridge built between their proud past and future as a Lions club member.

To get started, request the Lioness Bridge Builder Kit. The kit has all information and forms necessary to charter a Lioness Lions club.

Check out the Bringing Lionesses into the Family: Guide to Lioness Invitation for tips when taking Lionesses about the opprotunity to become full-fledged Lions. 

For more information, contact the Membership and New Club Programs Department.

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