GMT Specialists

The multiple district and district GMT coordinators will develop two teams of three to four Lions each that will be the Membership and New Club Growth Team and the Club Success Team based on identified needs.

These two teams are appointed for a three-year term.  Multiple district teams are appointed by the council of governors in consultation with the MD GMT coordinator and the GMT area leader. District teams are appointed by the DG Team in consultation with the multiple district GMT coordinator and the district GMT coordinator.

Membership and New Club Growth Team


• Identifies opportunities for building new clubs.

• Encourages outreach to new members.


Examples of Membership and New Club Growth Team Specialists:

Campus Club Specialist

New Club Development Specialist

Family & Women’s Specialist 

Special Interest Club Specialist

Young Adult Specialist

Club Success Team


• Focuses on engaging Lions in community service projects and identifying new service opportunities.

• Promotes service activity reporting.

• Promotes member satisfaction.

• Fosters healthy clubs to maintain and engage members, and assists in the rebuilding of struggling clubs.


Examples of Club Success Team Specialists:

• Community Service Specialist

• Member/Membership Satisfaction Specialist

• Mentoring Specialist

• Publications Specialist

• Rebuilding Specialist

• Service Reporting Specialist

• Technology Specialist

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