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Other Publicity Ideas


What Are Some Other Publicity Ideas?

There are many ways to tell your community about your Lions club and activities. If your club is sponsoring a community event:

  • Ask to have information posted on your community Web site or message board.
  • Pass out flyers or brochures about your club and its activities. If the event is a fundraiser, hand out information telling how the money will be used.
  • Display the Lions logo and club name prominently on all materials and at all activities and events.

Even when your club doesn't have a special event planned, you can:

  • Wear your Lions pin and apparel.
  • List your club in local phone books and community directories, along with a contact person and phone number. Keep this information up-to-date.
  • Put information about your club in "Welcome to the Community" packets offered by local agencies or chambers of commerce.
  • Invite community organizations to present information about their activities at club meetings and offer to present information at their meetings.
  • Display local Peace Posters at a library or community center.
  • Ask government and school district newsletters to include information about your club, especially if you are involved in a community or school project such as the Peace Poster Contest, a vision or diabetes screening, building a recreational center, etc.
  • Place a highway sign or marker outside your community. Keep it in good condition. You can purchase a highway sign from Club Supplies Sales Department.
  • Donate a subscription of LION Magazine to your local library. Contact LION Magazine Department for ordering information.

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Reading Action Program

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