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Course Category: Achieving Results

Course Category: Achieving Results

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Course Description
Setting Goals

Many people do not achieve their goals because they do not establish effective goals. In this course, you will learn how to do just that. You will complete the process of defining goals, writing an action plan, and then managing your goals for the best results. By the end of the course you will be on the path to achievement.

Decision Making

Do you want to improve your decision making?  This course presents the steps of decision-making, a range of decision making styles, and ways to increase group acceptance.  In addition, several techniques are illustrated that you can use in making your decision, such as Pareto rule, force field analysis, decision tree, stepladder technique, and grid analysis comparison.

Managing Meetings

As you follow Lion David on a series of club visits, this course presents the three phases of good meeting management, effective meeting preparation procedures, and meeting facilitation. You learn how to manage group behavior and how to follow-up between meetings. You will use practical worksheets and checklists to achieve effective meeting management in your club.

Providing Community

Lions have a strong commitment to the community, and each club strives to provide meaningful service. In this course you will find tools and techniques to help you assess community needs, select worthwhile projects, plan projects for success, and promote your club's service to the community.

Time Management

Since Lions are balancing time demands of work, family and club activities, effective time management is a necessary skill for all Lions. This course helps Lions identify common time wasting activities, provides strategies and resources for effective time management, and enables Lions to evaluate time demands related to urgency and importance. Activities in the course allow learners to apply time management principles and resources to practical Lions situations.

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