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Leadership Success Stories

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Event/Project Type: Project Leadership
Event/Project Name: Leadership Training
District: 324 B3
1)Train the LION Leaders in Goal setting,Public speaking AND PROBLEM SOLVING
2)Create awareness about the district web site
almost all the clubs attended the programme.
Practicing abot the public speaking and icebreaking sessions are really useful
3) manual in regional language is very much useful

Event/Project Type: Lions Training
Event/Project Name: PST Seminar
District: 324 B3
1)Let all the PSTs to realize their roles and responsibilities
2)Let all the PSTs to know about the method of WMMR report submission
3)How to conduct meetings in clubs?
4)Problem solving.
5)communication skills
1)submission of 100% WMMR
2)Completion of club installation in Time
3)more number of active Participation of district installation function
4)Eagarly contribute money and materials to district programme and service project

Event/Project Type: Project Leadership
Event/Project Name: DOTS,DUBAI
District: 324 B3
1)Motivate the incoming Regional Chaipersons and Zone Chair persons
2)Setting of Goals
3)Fixing the target
4)Deliberating the methodologies to implement
5)Improve the public speaking
6)Inculcate the method of conducting a meeting
7)Problem solving and solutions
1)In all regions the club installation function was over
2)All the LIONS Leaders are highly motivated and developed their self confidence
3)100% WMMR reports were submitted by all clubs during the month of july 2014
3)We developed our own web site for district administration
4)All the PSTs are motivated to do the centineal service challange project during the month of August

Event/Project Type: Project Leadership
Event/Project Name: DOTS DUBAI
District: 324B3
TO develop Lion leaders who are very sound in administration.
To motivate ZC,RCs in accomplishing the task
To inculcate the ethics and methods of conducting a meeting
100% WMMR Report in the month of July.
100% clubs installation
100% pu-101 form

Event/Project Type: Other
Event/Project Name: youth empowerment/Leo ledership development
District: 324 A4
we gave the training to develop leadership skills to 60 leos in whole district in 6 sections in two days.
all the Leo are inspire and feel they are renovated

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