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Leadership Success Stories

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Event/Project Type: Lions Training
Event/Project Name: Leadership 101
District: MD 19
Develop a 1 day training for Club Vice Presidents and others to learn basic leadership skills. Prepare Lions for the next Regional Leadership Institute.
We provide a 1 day seminar in the basics of Leadership development. Speaking, Effective meetings, conflict management, Recruiting, Retention, Renewing committment, Club Assessment. We end with each Lion setting a personal goal to accomplish. OVER 400 graduates in the last 2 1/2 years.

Event/Project Type: Mentoring
Event/Project Name: Young leaders
District: Provisional region - Ukraine
To develop future leaders from the Leo clubs
During several programs for Leos focused on environmental issues, potential leaders were identified for leadership development. New Lions clubs were organized in Ukraine which involved some Leos becoming Lions and serving in club leadership roles. Candidates were recommended to attend LCI training programs. After attending a Faculty Development Institute in Turkey, Ganna Koryagina became Leadership Chairperson for the provisional region of Ukraine.

Event/Project Type: Recruit Leaders
Event/Project Name: Recruit Young Lions, Bridge Taiwan Lions and the World
District: 300 A2
To establish a young English speaking Lions Club in Taiwan, to develop young leaders, and to promote Lions Clubs among the young generation
In September, 2010 District 300 A2 succeeded in organizing a young Lions Club called Taipei iLions Lions Club with 78 members, average age of 28 years old. The i in iLions stands for information, internet, integration and innovation. A young Taiwanese Engineer Van Lam, who is a past Youth Camp Exchange participant,was recruited to help organize the club. A Young Lions Establishment Workshop was held in August with more than 60 potential Lions. The club developed their by-laws, elected a board and officers, and created a club song and a website. The club is active in service projects, and served by assisting with the OSEAL Forum held in Kaohsiung Taiwan.

Event/Project Type: Lions Training
Event/Project Name: Presidents Training Day
District: 202 L New Zealand
To increase the participation in Club Presidents Training
To promote interest in the program, an invitation was sent to incoming presidents, vice presidents, and future club leaders. The theme was Learn the 7 Keys for a Successful President. Topics included Building a Management Team, Goal Setting, Planning a Club Meeting and the Art of Communication.

Event/Project Type: Lions Training
Event/Project Name: Club Presidents Camp
District: MD 118 Turkey
To increase effective leadership within the clubs as the key to improving clubs overall health
The goals of this innovative program were to impart the skills required to empower the members of their clubs, to experience the strength and scope of the association by sharing ideas with incoming presidents from far distances, and to promote networking. All three goals were met and exceeded.

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