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Leadership Success Stories

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Event/Project Type: Lions Training
Event/Project Name: training LEADERSHIP
District: LA-3
Training for new presidents, secretaries, treasurers and directors of members of Lions Clubs. Aside from knowing the duties of such functions, the lions were encouraged to develop goals and plans to participate in classroom practice using the LCI website. The seminar had as instructors CL Iroito Leo (GLT LA-3), CL Edward Macedo (DMLA GLT) and CL Walmir Soares(GMT LA-3).
After training it was possible to observe the high motivation of leaders lions to the beginning of its activities, and establish goals and seek new information and tools on the LCI website.

Event/Project Type: Lions Training
Event/Project Name: Membership Recruitment Training
District: 33-N
To train Lions to be able to recruit new members to develop and charter new clubs, to rebuild existing clubs, and to do "cold call" recruiting.
On a warm summer evening 14 Lions from 8 different clubs participated in the 2 hour training that was offered for the first time. The training included three separate parts:1. how to recruit members and charter a new club, 2. how to build existing clubs, and 3. how to recruit at public events and public places. The trainers included Lion Past President Paul Levine and PDG Randy Pinch, District GLT Coordinator. The training will be repeated in other parts of the district since other Lions wanted to attend, but could not due to conflicts.

Event/Project Type: Lions Training
Event/Project Name: Training for Club Presidents
District: 306C2
To educate and motivate club presidents to achieve excellence. Things to do before assuming the office. Planning the year. Kick off for a good start. Communication with members. Selecting and appointing committees. Lead a team to success.
After completion of the workshop presidents indicate that they received the knowledge to plan their year and work as a team. They recognized the importance of planning meetings and projects.
I have successfully conducted the workshop for Club Presidents Elect. I have practiced what I have learned from the Agra Faculty Development Institute. It was very useful for me to design and deliver my presentations in a professional manner.

Further results of attending the Faculty Development Institute; I have been appointed by the DG team to work as the District GLT coordinator for three year period beginning from this year.

Event/Project Type: Lions Training
Event/Project Name: Young Lions Academy
District: 337-A Fukuoka
To conduct the first Young Lions Academy
To motivate younger Lions to prepare to take leadership roles
To provide the opportunity for younger lions to meet other young lions beyond the boundaries of each club
District Governor Isao Yoshida appointed a special district committee and a young committee chairperson for the Young Lions Academy. Committee Chairperson Tokunaga visited all the zone meetings and used the internet to promote attendance. In spite of initial resistance, in January 2011 600 Lions attended the Lions Academy forum focused on the theme of Lions in the Future. Now, other districts in Japan (331-C, 330-B) have added a Young Lions Academy committee to their official district committees.The Lion magazine of Japan has featured several interviews with Lions under 50.

Event/Project Type: Lions Training
District: Distrito Multipe E
Entrenamiento Previo a Vice Gobernadores y Gobernadores Electos antes de la Convencion del Distrito Multiple E en Maracaibo Venezuela, esta practica fue realizada por 4 anos consecutivos, dando como resultado un Aumento en Clubes y Socios de mas de 65% total de Socios mas de 5230 y mas de 170 Clubes. La constancia en los Entrenamientos a los Socios de los Clubes produce el entusiasmo y el deseo de participar el el desarrollo de los Clubes y logrando como excelentes resultados la formacion de los Li­deres necesarios para el fortalecimiento de la Institucion Leonistica.El proyecto se identifica como CRECIMIENTO PARA PODER SERVIR.
Informe de Gestion 2007-2011, como Asesor de Liderazgo DM E 3 Talleres de Planificacion del Equipo REAL multiple 2007 al 2010.
4 Talleres de Alto Nivel en bosqueda de Li­deres 2007 al 2011 4 Escuelas para Gobernadores y Vice Gobernadores Electos 2 Talleres para Jefes de Region y Zonas designdos. 2010 y 2011. Facilitador en Leon Orientador Certificado 2010, para preservar los Clubes Nuevos creados.
ASISTENCIAS: Convenciones Multiples: 2007 a 2011.- FOLAC de San Salvador Enero 2008 CURSO DE lIDERAZGO Y Facilitador en el 1e Taller para Docentes 2008.- El entusiasmo producido permotia que el DM E obtuviera un crecimiento de mas de 1000 Socios Nuevos en ese lapzo de 4 anos y un incremento de mas del 40% en Clubes nuevos.

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