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Webinars are virtual trainings generally one hour long that are conducted online with a group of participants and instructors. Participants use the Internet to connect the group members with the instructors. To register and login, participants are directed to an Internet address. Please review our Guide to Register/login.

Most webinars have one or two instructors and a moderator/host. Participants view a PowerPoint presentation and polling questions on their computer. They listen to the instructors either via their computer speakers or headset. The participants may use the phone for audio/speaking or a computer headset with microphone to interact in discussions and respond to questions asked by the instructors, similar to training conducted in a classroom. For more information read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Webinar Tutorial – How to Be a Participant

We invite you to experience an interactive tutorial on being a webinar participant. Upon finishing this tutorial you will be able to register, log in and actively participate in a webinar.

2014-2015 Webinars Schedule

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Webinar Description Dates/Times

One Great Adventure (75 minutes)
Join a zone chairperson on his year of adventure, including challenges, allies, tools and gear, necessary skills, obstacles, and the final triumph of the Zone Chairperson award. An engaging way to understand what it takes to excel in this vital Lions position.

Intended Audience:
Current and prospective zone chairpersons

Go for the GOAL
Transform your club by going for the GOAL— Growth, Orientation, Activity, and Leadership. Growth is a membership growth plan; orientation is mentoring new Lions; activity is strong service projects and leadership is a club leadership development plan. Learn how GOAL can take your club to the next level.

Intended Audience:
Club officers and board members

The Role of the Cabinet Secretary
Provides training and guidance for this essential district position. The presentation reviews the cabinet secretary responsibilities, challenges and opportunities. Content includes a review of the MyLCI cabinet secretary features.

Intended Audience:
Current and incoming cabinet secretaries

Effective Club Meetings
This webinar provides the basics of good meeting management including planning, agenda preparation, essential facilitations skills and post-meeting evaluation. A must for any Lion who wants to facilitate productive meetings that keep members engaged.

Intended Audience:
All Lions

Harmony in the Pride
Understanding generational differences can assist with both member recruitment and retention. This presentation explores diverse motivations among Lions and how each constituency can find and value varying perspectives to “strengthen the pride.”

Intended Audience:
All Lions

Because a Cape Would Get in the Way
Become a Lions superhero! Presentation will guide Lions in discovering their superpowers, understanding their mission, considering the right tools, knowing their fatal weakness, and the importance of sidekicks. Join us for this fun and enriching perspective on Lionism.

Intended Audience:
All Lions

Project Management
Effective project management is one of the foundations of a successful Lions club. Participants will learn the characteristics of effective project managers, review the five phases of service project management and enjoy a case study of a current successful Lions club project.

Intended Audience:
All Lions

Minding Your Members—Leading Strong Teams
Develop confident and creative Lions teams through intuitive leadership that includes self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and communication skills. Presentation offers practical scenarios in which Lions demonstrate best team leadership practices in everyday club situations.

Intended Audience:
All Lions

You’ve Been a Club President…What’s Next?
Follow the journey of three Past Club Presidents as they continue their Lionism at the club, district, and zone levels. Content includes discussion of creating a personal mission statement, the district committee structure, one path to the zone chairperson role and suggestions for continued service at the club level.

Intended Audience:
Current and past club presidents who want to explore district-level opportunities

Lionism as a Past District Governor
Lionism as a Past District Governor is an honor which offers both challenges and opportunities. In this webinar we will explore the characteristics and qualities of a Past District Governor, the unique challenges of Lionism as a Past District Governor, and possible roles a Past District Governor could pursue that are both personally satisfying and that further the mission and goals of LCI.

Intended Audience:
District Governors and Past District Governors

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