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GLT Area Training for District Governors-elect!


The GLT Area Training provides an opportunity for 1st VDGs/DGEs in a GLT area to come together to share ideas, challenges, best practices and successes with each other.  Feedback from past trainees has shown that the most valuable aspect of DGE training is sharing with fellow 1st VDGs/DGEs.  This is a one-day training workshop.

This training also enables the GLT and GMT Area Leaders to establish relationships with the incoming governors early, and to provide direct guidance and support as each district governor-elect has the opportunity to collaborate with his or her GLT/GMT Area Leaders to establish S.M.A.R.T. goals and action plans related to district leadership development and membership growth.

At the end of this one-day workshop each 1st VDG/DGE and his/her respective GLT and GMT Area Leader will have one set of goals and action plans.  This will enable the GLT, GMT and DG Teams to begin the 2015-2016 year moving in the same direction toward common goals and with shared action plans.

This board-approved training is part of the 2014-2015 1st VDG/DGE training program.  Only the 1st VDG/DGE in each district is eligible to participate.

Each district governor-elect will be reimbursed up to US$400 for travel expenses.  Please review the GLT Area Training Transportation Reimbursement Policy before making travel arrangements.  When your training has been completed, complete the GLT Area Training for 1st VDG/DGE Transportation Reimbursement Form and return to LCI as instructed on the form.

Should you have any questions regarding this training session, or your transportation reimbursement, please contact us at

GLT Area Training Information for 1st VDGs/DGEs

GLT Area Training for 1st VDG/DGE Transportation Reimbursement Policy

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