2013 Online Convention

Hamburg, Germany, July 5-9, 2013



Below are the Parade of Nations winners. Visit the Scrapbook to see photos of the parade.

Division I Contests

Floats  - British Isles and Ireland, MD105
British Royal Mail Van and Mini Car from British Embassy

Bands: Category I – High School Bands

First Prize: 

Bands: Category II – All-State Bands

First Prize -  Mississippi Lions All State Band, District 30
Second Prize - Michigan All State Band, SD10 and MD11

Precision Demonstration Units

First Prize: Indonesia Traditional/National Costumes, District 307
Second Prize - Sphinx Float, Arab Rep. of Egypt
Second Prize - Mexico Traditional/National costumes, District B

Uniformed Marching Delegations

First Prize: 

Second Prize: 

Third Prize: 

Division II Contests


First Prize: Show-Brassband Heikendorf, Division 330-337

Second Prize: British Isles and Ireland (MD 105), Division 105

Precision Demonstration Units

First Prize: 

Second Prize: 

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