How to Use the LCI Web Site

How to Use the LCI Web site

The LCI Web site offers a wealth of information for Lions club members, as well as those interested in becoming a member. Here, learn about key sections of the site and FAQs to help you easily navigate and find what you’re looking for right away:

The Search Bar

Lions website search box

The search bar is the most efficient way to find information on any topic on the site.

  1. Click the Search box at the top right-hand corner of any page on the site.
  2. Type in the keyword, phrase or topic for which you need more info; for example, if you want to download a Lions logo, type in “logos.”
  3. Hit Enter on your keyboard, or click on the small blue arrow box to the right of the Search box.
  4. A list of search results will appear on your screen, with pages from the LCI and LCIF sites that contain the term you typed.
  5. Click on the page that best matches your needs.
  6. If you still can’t find the right page, try typing in a more specific term.

Member Center

Lions website Member Center section

This section provides useful information for current members. When you click on the blue Member Center tab, a sub-set of blue tabs will appear. These are the different sections of the Member Center:

Becoming a Lion

Lions website Becoming a Lion section

The yellow tabs to the left of the Member Center tab provide useful information for visitors interested in learning about Lions clubs and how to become a member. The Becoming a Lion section includes pages on how to get involved and become a member of your local Lions club.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Site

    How do I donate eyeglasses?

    You can donate eyeglasses at your local eyeglass collection location. To find a location in your area, go to the Find a Club page, type in the name of your city and hit Enter. If there are eyeglass collection locations nearby, a tan box will appear before the results with the text “Eyeglass Collection Locations.” Uncheck all other boxes, and only the collection location results will display. (See image below.)

    If no collection locations are listed for your city, try searching for locations in the surrounding area.

    Lions eyeglass collection locations


    Where can I find Lions logos to download?

    Visit the Lions Logos page to view and download logos in various formats. We also provide instructions for downloading photos and graphics.

    Can I create a Web site for my Lions club? 

    Yes! You can create a site for your club by going to and clicking on the Getting Started tab on the left-hand side to begin the process. 

    Where can I view Lions videos?

    The Lions News Network features the Lions Quarterly video magazine, PSAs on a wide range of topics and LCI videos. You can also watch videos on the LCI YouTube page.

    How can I download PDF files?

    To download and view a publication, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 7.0 or above. It is available free of charge. Visit the Instructions for Downloading a Page for more detailed information.

    Why doesn't anything happen when I click on a link?

    There are many types of links on the LCI site. Some link to other pages or PDF files within our site, and some link to other Web sites. First you need to identify what type of link is not working on your computer. If you're having trouble linking to:

    Can I receive regular updates from LCI?

    There are many ways to stay connected with LCI and Lions clubs across the globe!

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